Cletrac specs


From Blake Malkamaki photo collection.

Cletrac HG - tests

HG loading dump truck. OC-3 hard at work. HG with rubber tracks. From George Gibby. Hyda-Ease - hydraulic impliment lift. This is a OC-4 with the Alfta Track option for logging. It also has a Carco hydraulic winch on the back. The dozer blade is well suited for pushing around and piling logs. We are in hopes of at least getting it cleaned up, and running for some light use on our timberland, and to get it out to some shows.

Eric Severance. In this picture he is cultivating corn in Iowa "Only acres to go! Let me know if there are any other photos you want of it. It's position in the museum made it hard to get a decent photo of it.

Cletrac Oliver Drive Around

The museum is only 1 km from where I live and is stuffed with old logging machines of all kind. It is the 62nd one made. He restored it in Phelps, Mr. Tucker seated on tractor and Mr. Fred Cunningham. From the Oliver Shield - Vol. Just was viewing your website and thought I'd send a photo for the album.

We have decided to sell our unrestored HG OC 3 crawler. It was just posted on ebay on Friday. Thanks, Deb Hirsch. HG Specifications from George Gibby. Robert Holtzer's HG. HG assembly line. George Gibby's HG. Eric Severance's OC-3 gathering sap.

David Newman's OC Jim Marsh's HG Hans Johansson's OCClick on each image to see a larger version. Cletrac Model H tractor with an Oliver No. Richard Borgaro photo. Cletrac Model FGC un-streamlined tractor Wilmington, IL. Cletrac Model 40 tractorsHewitt Bros. Cletrac Model 80 with V-plow and wings.

Coles Transportation Museum.

cletrac specs

Cletrac Model 80 pulling an elevating grader. Bill Maloney collection. Oliver OC-4 Hi-Crop diesel tractor with elevated sprockets.

Oliver OC Sno-Cat with snow tracks and snow bucket Jim Carter photo. Cletrac Model HG tractor with Oliver cultivator. Oliver OC dozer brochure. Landis Zimmerman. I have an oliver HG narrow track and want to find the ID tag on it. Can you help? Try looking on the back of the engine side of the fire wall. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.

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cletrac specs

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Blog at WordPress. Classic Dozers Information about classic crawlers and dozers. Search Search. Classic Dozers. Cletrac Model tractor Cletrac Model 30B tractor Cletrac Model 80 Cletrac Model BD with Heil dozer Cletrac Model DG Cletrac Model E styled tractor Share this: Twitter Facebook.Looking to expand its marketplace options beyond agricultural wheel tractors, it acquired the Cletrac Tractor Co, also of Cleveland Ohio, in Cletrac had fallen on hard times during WWII, being one of the few tractor manufacturers not to be given large war contracts for the production of machinery, so the sale to Oliver was very timely and prevented the company going into bankruptcy.

Cletrac had a long history dating back toand was one of the pioneers of the track type tractor industry. The Model F was a small crawler tractor strictly speaking only suitable for agriculture and weighed around kilograms, but could pull a 3-bottom plow with no trouble. It also allowed a higher than usual amount of ground clearance, making Cletrac machines especially popular with logging and forestry contractors as they could pass over stumps and brush that could potentially bring other tractors to a very sudden stop!

Other track tractor manufacturers took a long time to duplicate this method of undercarriage attachment with the first to successfully adopt it being Euclid in the mids.

When Oliver took over the Cletrac tractor range it consisted of some 12 different models, some gasoline powered, the others diesel. Oliver kept the Cletrac name, marketing them as Oliver-Cletrac so as not confuse the buying public and it was business as usual. Init was decided by Oliver management, to add some clearer structure to the model numbering system, better reflecting the sizes of machines offered.

Oliver as a company did not expend great amounts of research and development money on its OC track tractor range. White continued to operate Oliver as a going concern but was also reluctant to spend the large volumes of cash required to update the Oliver track type tractor range. The end result was that inproduction of all Oliver track type tractors was discontinued, the company preferring to concentrate on agricultural wheel tractors.

The Oliver OC was the largest track type tractor that Oliver ever produced and sat between D7 and D8 size in the track tractor world. This engine was a 6-cylinder inline diesel putting out flywheel horsepower and had a A double plate clutch connected the engine to the 4-forward, 2-reverse speed manual transmission which gave the machine a top speed of 5.

Oliver was unique in the American track type tractor market by using differential steering rather than the traditional steering clutch and brake method. Cletrac had pioneered the use of differential steering decades beforehand and it was carried over into the OC range of machines.

A good spotting feature of the OC was its long front hood, the rear part of which housed the 66 gallon diesel fuel tank. Oliver supplied its larger crawlers with a distinctive opposed chevron design radiator guard and the OC was no exception. The operator had an excellent view to trailed equipment as there was no fuel tank to look over.

However, the view forward was a long one and the hood did not feature any taper. Operator comforts were very few other than a deeply padded seat and air-boosted steering levers to reduce effort.

cletrac specs

This was an unusual feature for a track type tractor and something that set the OC apart from the competition. Full instrumentation was provided on a semi-circular instrument panel in the centre of the dashboard. Oliver did not make its own attachments and relied on outside suppliers to provide bulldozer blades, rippers, cable controls and the like to equip the OC for service.

Principal suppliers were Heil, Isaacson, Buckeye and Carco with the most predominant of these being Heil. Regrettably, no records have survived from this company to give any indication as to how many Oliver OC track type tractors were imported including if any OCs. There were certainly a great deal of the smaller Oliver OC tractors brought into New Zealand however, and these proved to be very popular, especially in the South Island.

There is however a remarkably good model of the smaller model OC available from Spec-Cast. Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Youtube.

Primary Menu. Search for: Search. In its heyday, the Oliver Corporation of Cleveland Ohio, USA was a well-respected company manufacturing agricultural tractors and implements.

By Richard Campbell. Background Cletrac had a long history dating back toand was one of the pioneers of the track type tractor industry. One of the hallmarks of Cletrac tractors was their reliability, especially final drives. This was due to the way the track frames were mounted to the chassis by way of a dead shaft. Using this method, no impact shocks were transferred through to the final drives.Powered by a cid Hercules WXLC3 engine driving a 4-speed transmission, the vehicle is capable of attaining speeds up to 22mph when the high rpm range is unlocked on the governor, allowing the engine to achieve 3, rpm.

With the governor set at 2,rpm, speeds up to 15 mph can be attained. In this way, power is always being transmitted to both tracks making the steering action smoother and improving safety on steep slopes.

Instead, the minimum turning radius is While this was a disadvantage for bulldozers, the controlled differential did prevent the tractor from tearing up pavement and turf, keeping the surface smooth for aircraft operations. Some testing was done to determine the suitability of the M2 as a gun-towing tractor, but it was quickly determined that it lacked the space to support the gun crews and carriage of ammunition and, as a 7-ton class machine, it was too light to pull the heavier howitzers and was eclipsed in this role by the M4 ton HST, M5 ton HST, and the M6 ton HST.

However, with rubber tracks that were suitable for use on paved surfaces as well as grass and mud, the tractor performed well on the primitive airfields that were common in forward areas during the war.

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The psi tap was used for powering air tools, while the higher pressure sources were for charging the aircraft landing gear oleos. Special thanks to Mark Van Klavern for all the photographs!

Restoration will be done by a team of volunteers driven by the desire to preserve portions of our military history. The Cletrac is rather unique in that not very many of them were produced and even fewer survive today.

Most have gone the way of the metal scrap pile to be melted down and forged into something new. Corporation Tax ID During the past 25 plus years, we have grown from a single building to numerous facilities and hangars on over 20 acres of land. We routinely host annual and specials fun events as a means of raising funds to continue and maintain our growth.

We rely on event sponsors, private benefactors and individual donations to sustain our existance. We are forever grateful to all whom have assisted us over the years. Your individual donations are greatly appreciated!

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Cletrac farm tractors by model

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I have all kinds of engine blocks, if you want to rebuild, or re-bore and start over for a project. I usually have running engines in stock — ranging from tight and ready to work, to engine still within tolerances but better for shows or light work. Final drive assemblies underwent a continuous evolution as the market for small utility crawlers gradually changed from a purely agricultural landscape to a more demanding industrial one.

Tooth counts changed, gear widths changed, ratios changed, bearings changed. When ordering, please try to supply your serial number and bull gear casting number, and if there's any doubt in your mind check BOTH final drives.

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Many times, I've seen 'mongrels' with non-matching final drives, or the wrong gears inside one or both housings, or a complete replacement track frame that may not 'agree' with the serial number or age of the machine!

I have most used parts in stock but I don't supply parts that don't work! I don't sell used starters, carburetors, magnetos, generators, regulators, gauges etc. The most challenging items to find are good starters, sprockets, radiators, manifolds, pulleys and to a lesser extent, transmission housings and 'ready-to-roll' rollers.

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Include a description with each photo so people know what they are looking at.

cletrac specs

Though you retain the rights to your pictures, you, by uploading them to us at Cletrac. Now you can download Manuals and other Literature related to Cletrac and Oliver tractors. Selection will grow with time. Ask if you can contribute. As many of you know, I am way behind in putting new pictures into the old Cletrac Photo Album, so we are now going to use the Photo Gallery instead.

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M2 High Speed Tractor

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